When Should You Be Concerned With A Bulging Disc L4 L5

As we get older it is inevitable that we will encounter some health problems. You might have mobility issues as related to muscular problems for example. You also may encounter pains in your skeletal system or in your joints. Whether you are experiencing pain in your back or something more specific like a bulging disc L4 L5, it is a good idea to know whether it is serious or not. This way you can make a decision quicker on the right type of medical help you need to relieve your pain as soon as possible.

The first thing that you should know about is how common it is to have degenerative disc disease. This is not something that is rare – it happens frequently.  It is also a good idea to understand what you can do to prevent these kinds of bulging disc problems from existing. Most importantly, it is a good idea to know when it is time to get the professional help that you need to start feeling better. No matter what you are suffering from, you will be able to get the help that you need to start feeling better as long as you take the problem seriously. After all, this is your health that is at stake.

How Common Is Disc Disease?

Whenever you are suffering from something like degenerative spine disease, it can feel like you are the first one. In fact, you will find out soon that there are many people who suffer from the same problem. In fact the l4 l5 bulged disc is the most common form of the condition representing about 90% of sufferers in total.

How Does It Happen?

So what happens is the fluid between the discs starts to seep out and one disk starts to rub against another. It can cause things like a pinched nerve in the sciatica and more. These problems can happen as low as the cervical area to higher on the back and even up to the neck. Often the actual cause of the disc herniation is hard to pinpoint – often it is a series of stresses on the area that lead to a weakening and eventually the condition itself.

Preventing the Problem

One of the best ways to prevent a problem like herniation is to get to know the causes. By knowing the causes, you can avoid the things which will cause your back to be in pain and can cause you to have a bulge. The most common of causes is simply wear and tear as a result of weakened back muscles. Of course, there are some cases in which these kinds of problems happen naturally and cannot be avoided. There are other times in which the degeneration of the spine due to lack of water consumption and other problems can cause a bulge which leads to pinched nerves.

Getting Professional Help?

While it is possible to find a cure from the comfort of your own home, it is also a good idea to think about getting help from many professionals in the medical community. They will be able to provide surgical and non-surgical procedures which can help you to start to feel better fast. While no one wants to get surgery for something like a bulging disc L4 L5, it may be necessary. It is a good idea to make sure that you are listening to your doctor and getting the treatment that you need. This will help you to start feeling better so that you can enjoy life to its fullest. You should also check out the laser spine insitute website if you are considering surgery as an option.


Finally I wanted to highlight this path of treatment for the condition. I strongly believe that a balance of rest and exercises is the most effective way to treat the condition. Once the condition has healed you need to strengthen and re-train your back muscles so less pressure is placed on your spinal column and more on the muscles  that support it. Now I know exercise are time consuming but you need to be religious and you will rapidly see a difference.

There is a very interesting video below which demonstrates some fantastic stretching exercises for an l4 l5 condition-  worth checking out.

The NHS (National Health Services) website in the UK has some great reading on this topic if you are seeking further information.

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Posted 1062 days ago
Holistic medicine has come a long way in recent years. I was suffering from a L4 L5 disk disc in my back. The pain was pretty intense, but now the bulging is gone and so is the discomfort. I want to learn how to prevent this kind of thing from happening to me later.
Posted 1070 days ago
It is good to know that even something as serious as a herniation caused by a L4 L5 issue does not have to lead to cervical surgery. I was able to get help from a physical therapist and now I am back to doing the things that I love to do every day.
Posted 1076 days ago
When my boyfriend had an L4 L5 disc bulging in his back I took him to the doctor despite his refusal. They were able to give him some medication to reduce the swelling and correct the problem. Now if he feels any pain low in his back, he trusts me to get him the help that he needs.
Posted 1083 days ago
Suffering from a pinched sciatic from a L4 L5 disc was about the worst pain that I have ever suffered. I found some information from a source on the internet and I was able to get rid of the problem as well as learning the causes so that I can stop myself from ever feeling this way in the future.
Posted 1098 days ago
I recently found out that sitting at a desk every day caused me to have a L4 L5 pinched nerve. The back pain was incredible and I never thought I would feel normal again. I was able to start seeing a good doctor and now, I am feeling one hundred percent again.

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